$he Makes the Money: FREE Online Training
FREE Online Training for Women Who Make More than the Men They Love! This is the help that you've been looking for. 

Dr. Dawn DeLavallade

Author of She Makes More

Dr. Shane Perrault

Author of The Black MANual
What happens when you make more than your man? How do you handle it -- and how does he?
What You'll Learn:

During this webinar, Dr. Shane and Dr. Dawn will cover 4 topics that greatly impact female breadwinners and their families. You'll learn...

Why you Are Not Alone! 
How to Detox Your Relationship 
How to Get Your Man to MAN-UP 
How to go from Surviving to Thriving

Who This Is For:

Dr. Shane and Dr. Dawn have spoken to hundreds of women just like you to give them breakthroughs. This training is for you if...

You're the Primary Breadwinner
You're Frustrated in Your Marriage 
Your Man Won't Step Up 
 Your Salary/Job Intimidates Men
This is a very special webinar that is guaranteed to get you insane results - seats are filling up FAST...
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